Monday, January 22, 2007

The Forks Go To Brooklyn!

Hello Foodies,

The Forks went to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn on Sunday with dear friends, Karin Lundell and Frances Cassidy, and ventured to our favorite "Cassata Siciliana" destination...Villabate Pasticceria & Bakery. Here's the link to their website...Villabate. It's the next best thing to being in Sicily! Cookies, pastries, cakes...many delicious choices at Villabate. Check website for address.

We bought small cassata pastries, pignoli cookies, semolina bread - btw - their bread is great too, bread crumbs, and cannoli. You can also get rice balls but we were too late for those.

Afterwards, we went to Il Colosseo Restaurant & Pizzeria for an early dinner. It was a recommendation from Villabate. This place was terrific with pizzas under $10 - enough for two to share. We enjoyed the pizza with a tricolore salad perfectly dressed in a balsamic dressing. We watched waiters carry out generous serves of pastas, salads, and entrees. Everything looked delicious and amazingly priced. I'm still regretting not having ordered the pasta special - pasta with a sausage (not in casing) sauce topped with ricotta. There was even a pasta sauce named after Frank Sinatra. What could be bad, I ask you?

The vitals on Il Colosseo Restaurant & Pizzeria: 7704 18th Ave, Brooklyn (Bensonhurst), NY 11214, 718-234-3663.

Foodies, it's worth the schlep out to Brooklyn for both Villabate and Il Colosseo!

Mangia Bene,

the Forks

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