Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bo-Kaap ASAP!

Hello Foodies,

The Bo-Kaap is the Malay Quarter - hub and heartbeat of Cape Town. On our first day, our wonderful guide, Dave, took us through this quaint and colorful area. All the houses are painted in different pastel colors. Finally, we drove up a very steep street and at the top of this hill, was a treasure - the Noon Gun Cape Malay Restaurant
. This home-based restaurant has a spectacular view of the Table Mountain, Table Bay Harbour, and waterfront areas as well as spectacular food.

We met Zainie Misbach.

And the whole family - that total over 50 including children, grandchildren and great grandchildren (all were not present at this lunch).

We were served many treats.

A few favorites includes the Samoosa, Dahltjie & Papadum - all light and delicate like I've never tasted before. The samoosa is curried spicy beef in a triangular pastry. The dahltijie are savory, deep-fried balls made of spinach and pea flour. The papadum is a spicy crisp made from pea flour.

These are the famous Koeksiesters made of spicy dough then deep fried, sugared, and topped with coconut. The other is another traditional dessert called a Milktart.
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